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Can I Eat Meat on a Raw Food Diet?

One question we get asked all the time is do you have to become a vegetarian to be on a raw food diet? The answer is no. The raw food diet is not strictly for vegans, it is for everyone. Whether you are looking to move to veganism or slowly incorporate more raw foods into your daily routine, the raw food diet benefits everyone in some way. 

Many people on a raw food diet, or detox, often start small by simply adding more raw fruits, veges, nuts and grains to their daily consumption. It doesn’t even have to be daily. Instead of fast food a few times a week, a raw food meal can replace this and you are on your way. You will still notice benefits of the diet even in smaller doses. The raw food diet is about getting healthier and stronger through changing your lifestyle a little bit. In the end though, how far you take the raw food diet is completely up to you. 

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